Please read our Safety Procedures
  • When you arrive at the studio please line up on the yellow marks indicated on the sidewalk and wait for your teacher to bring you inside the studio.

  • NO parents will be allowed to enter the studio.

Safety Procedures



The studio has been thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant as per the BC Fraser health guidelines.


We have also divided the studio into social distance squares each square is 7 x 8 feet, with a separate area for the teacher.

No classes will be taking part in lifting or contact dancing with another member.


Since we are now in the warmer months our goal is to keep the 2 studio

doors open for air flow during classes.


1) Dancers must wait in their car or on the sidewalk as indicated

until a teacher comes to get them.


2) Staff will bring dancers in 1 at a time.

NO parents - the waiting room is closed


3) Dancers must come dressed ready for clas.

  •  When dancers enter they must use the hand sanitizer

  • and go to their assigned square 

  • No storage cubes are to be used

  • Dancers must bring their own water bottles

  • No bare feet - either dance shoes/or dance socks with grips

  • If you wish your child to wear a non-surgical mask this is your personal choice but you would need to supply your own.


4) If washroom is used - there will be disinfectant and sanitizer on site as well as soap for hand washing


5) Classes have been shortened to 45 mins so teachers can clean between each new set of dancers entering the studio. 

  • All staff have attended a meeting regarding the cleaning of the studio.


6) At the end of a class the teacher will exit dancers 1 at a time.


7) At the end of each evening the studio will receive an extra cleaning. 


We will post signs and guidance rules from Fraser Health.



Our top priority is to keep everyone safe, while allowing dancers to stay connected and keep active through the pleasure of dance !!